We are now offering an appointment before and after "regular" open times.

Please only make appointments for people that are living in the same household.

In these unusual times we are focused on keeping our staff and customers safe. 

We are asking everyone that is coming in to:

We all share a great responsibility to demonstrate that Michigan can begin to safely relax pandemic-fighting restrictions without causing a resurgence of disease.  We take this responsibility very seriously, and we trust you do as well.  None of us wants to see anyone get sick, nor do we want to see businesses have to close down again.  

Part of safe operations is strictly following CDC guidelines about social distancing and prevention hygiene, such as frequently washing one’s hands and wearing face coverings, as well as cleaning and disinfecting.

We will adapt as conditions and requirements change, so please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, and visit our website to get the latest updates.

Key Changes:

We sincerely appreciate you taking these precautions seriously.