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After lamenting the loss of great and hard-to-replace polo shirts of years past, we set out on the quest to find the perfect shirt.

Guided by memories of our very first collared shirts from early days in prep school, and by well-worn hand-me-downs from dads, uncles and others, we spared no effort to find it.

In the end, unable to track down this elusive prize, we did what any two enterprising young men would do. We set out to design it and make it on our own.


In a world of Southern Prep and East Coast Classic, Criquet has an easygoing, fun-loving Austin spirit all its own.

We look at classic style with a fresh set of eyes. Our inspiration often comes from iconic shirts we recollect from the past as well as the occasional vintage store treasure.


For us, the spirit of the 19th hole is what Criquet’s ultimately all about. The 19th hole is wherever and whenever you’re most at ease. For us, it’s a favorite bar on Rainey Street. A relaxing afternoon at Barton Springs on the outskirts of town. Or simply the backyard of the Clubhouse. 

It’s where you kick back with friends, swap the best stories, share the details. Make the best calls. The 19th Hole comes after the first 18—and before all the others that follow.



If a few years ago, you had asked us which celebrity we thought most embodied the spirit of Criquet, Luke Wilson would have been at the top of the list.

He's cool, calm, collected, with a healthy dose of irreverent humor. He's the guy you want to play 36 with, followed by a five-hour happy hour. A modern-day Ty Webb, if you will.

With a preference for old-school golf shirts (ever seen The Wendell Baker Story?), a love of golf, a sense of humor straight out of his most beloved films, and not to mention a Lone Star birthplace, we couldn't have asked for a better partner.

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